I am one of those women with TOO many interests....

...any way the wind blows, arbitrary, blowing hot and cold,
careless, changeful, 
every whichway, fanciful, 
fickleflighty, gaga, helter-skelter, humorsome, impulsive!!!
YUP, that pretty much sums me up!
I have tried just about everything, and worked in just about every profession! But (sigh) I always enjoy myself most when I can be creative. I have realized now that's just how I function, maybe it's genetics, maybe not. All I know is I am addicted to being creative... no, I am 
seriously obsessed with revamping and re-inventing.. or 
turning 'trash' into 'treasure' some might say!

I started this blog with good intentions in 2009 to document all the creative things I was doing... well I had a lot going on in my personal life and just didn't stick with it. Sad, I know... but I will make it up to myself.. hopefully!
Well I started up again because my cute hubs bought me a house, a house I have always wanted.. kind of.. You see, I have always dreamt of buying an old house and restoring it. This particular house isn't exactly what I have always wanted, but I am not complaining... it's old {1886} cozy, and cute... 
We started renovations mid-June 2011 and we were able to move-in December 1st 2011! 
Now that things have calmed down, I wanted to share our journey with you... hopefully to inspire, uplift, and share what we have learned along the way. {basically so you don't have to repeat our mistakes} Have fun getting inspired! And please let me know if I can help in any way.

~On a more personal note... We are hoping to adopt, we found out recently that we are no longer candidates for fertility treatments {I really wish they would have told us that before we endured a bunch already!} I am coping with it very well, and I just hope we will be blessed with a little bundle of joy very soon! If you know of anyone that is in a position of placing their child for adoption, please think of us, we are open to any race or gender.

ALSO, if you know of any fundraiser ideas, let me know! Adoption is crazy expensive, and we will take any help we can get.  RobertsonAdoption@gmail.com 
If you want to read more about it go: Hoping to Adopt or: We are Waiting for you...

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