About Me

 Hello there, I'm Andrea and I am so glad you are here!

I wear many hats, and as a working mother, I am totally ok with that!
Throughout my life I have worked in almost every profession there is; from starting my first business when I was 17 {a dance studio} to working at almost every retail store in the mall, to living the glamourous life as an executive traveling all over the US teaching beauty departments about skin care science.
I wouldn't trade in any of it! I love to learn and to grow, and what better way than to try my hand at as many things as I can!

Lately {since becoming a mother of a 2nd child} I just do a lot of freelance work....
(You can hire me! go to andreaqueenb.com
  • floral arranging and bridal bouquets
  • makeup artist
  • refinishing furniture
  • interior design
  • styling photoshoots
  • teaching skin care and makeup classes
And if I have some extra time, I blog about it!
However, I micro blog almost everyday on instagram, it's a lot easier and I can engage better there with my readers. 
Come party with me on either of my accounts: @andreaqueenb or @flamingofriday
You won't regret it, I'm pretty fun!
Basically, I started this blog in 2009 to document all the creative things I was doing... Then suddenly it went hard core DIY when my cute hubs bought me a house, an old house that we could fix up together and make our very own..  I have always dreamt of buying an old house and restoring it. This particular house isn't exactly what I have always wanted, but I am not complaining... it's old {1886} cozy, and cute!!
We started renovations mid-June 2011 {we tore the house down to the studs, and rebuilt it} and we were able to move in December 1st 2011! 
I hope to inspire, uplift, and share what we learned. {basically so you don't have to repeat our mistakes} 
But now that renovations have been done, my current posts are about anything I find to be beautiful and Inspiring!

This is my adorable little family a week after we brought our sweet baby home from the hospital 
{he's 3 now!!! You think it's time for a new family picture?!?}
If you would like to work with me in any way, please email me: msrobertson7@gmail.com

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