Easy Fix for Broken Christmas Lights

Do you ever get so frustrated when you pull out last years Christmas lights
or your 'pre-lit' Christmas Tree, and like only half of the lights are working?!
I know I do! And I think I have found the answer!!!

Light Keeper Pro is a handy little tool that can detect loose or broken bulbs! WHAT?! ..Yes! I am telling the truth people! Seriously, watch this super short video, it will blow your mind!

Here's a random funny thing that actually happened today! My son and I were talking with my parents on FaceTime and my son grabbed the Light Keeper Pro to show my Dad.. So my Dad goes, hey I have that too!! He was working on their pre-lit tree. As you can see in the photo.. that I screenshot while face timing.. The top of the tree has no working lights. BUMMER! 
Well I got a text from him about 10 min later saying that it only took him a couple minutes with the Light Keeper Pro, and all his lights are now working! YAY!!

I gotta be honest though, with mine, it took a few tries to get ours working correctly, maybe we weren't holding it the correct distance away from the light strands?? Not sure. But once we found the sweet spot, it worked great. Oh, and I would suggest plugging your lights into a working outlet to test them, and not into the gun.. just my opinion. 

Oh, and here is a little sneak peek at my Christmas decor this year..
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I was sent a free Light Keeper Pro to test and give my own honest opinions about it.

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