Why does the Lord want me to be Healthy?

This is one of the November lessons for Young Women in the LDS church.
I loved this lesson! We had such great discussions about all the different areas of Health.

I made these charts for them, and we wrote our goals down in each area on the chart. I encouraged them to hang these where they could see them everyday.

Here are some examples of what the girls wrote down...
  • Emotional
    • Think more positive thoughts
    • Strengthen Self Confidence
    • Have a good Attitude.. etc
  • Physical
    • Drink more water
    • Get outside for fresh air everyday
    • Be more active
    • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.. etc
  • Mental
    • Develop better study habits
    • Work hard for good grades
    • Read more.. etc
  • Financial
    • Pay Tithing on all earnings
    • Get a job
    • Save for a car.. etc
  • Spiritual
    • Take time to pray and meditate everyday
    • Read at least one verse from the scriptures everyday
    • Memorize Articles of Faith.. etc

*Just 'right click' on the image to save it to your desktop*

(In clockwise order according to the chart)
Emotional, Physical, Mental, Financial, and Spiritual

(And here it is in greyscale just in case)
I hope this helps you add a fun activity to an already awesome lesson!!!

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Why Does The Lord Want Me To Be Healthy

I made these charts in the Rhonna Designs App on my iPad 


dolores said...

Thank you for this Article, I needed this. :)

Shirley Hatfield said...

This is something I really need to work on...not just as a New Years Resolution!