Top 4 baby toys

Top 4 baby toys 

We’ve all been there, you’ve gone round to some new parents house to meet the little one and you feel like you’ve walked into a war zone, bright, shiny plastic covering every available surface and you find yourself wondering how something so small can create such a mess, or what they could possibly do with all those toys? Looking to buy a present for a baby and don’t know where to begin? Clothes can be a bit of a minefield size-wise, toys are a much easier option. Fisher-Price toys have long been one of the leading brands in their field and with good reason, providing safe and stimulating toys guaranteed to keep even the most dependent of babies occupied. Here’s our guide to some of their best toys.

Image by Abigail Batchelder used under the Creative Commons License.
Fisher-Price, Kick & Play Piano Gym
A play mat is a vital piece of kit for any newborn and this multi-sensory offering is one of the best. In 2014, it won the Silver award from Mother and Baby in the category for the Best Baby Toy — Under 12 Months. Being able to remove the piano and the arch not only makes it portable, it also makes it multi-functional. Baby will love reaching and grabbing for the overhanging toys and learning that kicking the piano keys will create a noise meaning it’s great for development.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Bouncer
Babies and mums will love this bouncer, it promotes the development of coordination through motion sensors which set off lights and noises to reward baby as they bounce around. Mum’s will love the freedom it gives them, not only will you have both hands free and you'll be safe in the knowledge that baby is safe and content you can take 15 minutes to relax with a cup of tea, which anyone will a small child will know, is a rarity.

Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks
On a budget? Then Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks are the perfect choice, these will enhance baby’s thought process by learning which blocks fit where, fine tune motor skills, and above all else they will be having fun. Filling the bucket and then tipping them all over the floor will most certainly inspire a giggle.

Fisher-Price Disney Sing Along Choo Choo Train
A brilliant present for baby’s first Christmas, this sturdy, colorful, musical toy, is not only fun but promotes development too. Encouraging baby to crawl along with the train will improve their mobility and the lights and music will teach baby about cause and effect. We challenge you not to join in on this Disney sing along!
There's our top four picks of the best Fisher Price toys, no matter what your budget may be. So whatever the occasion, head down to Tesco for some great Fisher Price toys to provide the perfect mix of educational, practically safe and fun toys, you can rest assured both parents and baby will love your gift.

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