Listen to YOU, not those around you

Have you ever quit, or given up on something that you really liked because of something someone else has said to you, or about you? I know I have. Why is it that we put so much weight into what others think of us? 
You heard the words 'self-esteem' SO many times while you were growing up, am I right? I always heard grown-ups talking about him or her, and if they had a good self-esteem. As an adult now myself, I catch myself thinking/worrying about the youth I work with and my own children, and what they think of themselves? Do they have a good opinion of themselves? How can I help them realize how incredible they are?
Well then it got me thinking about myself and my fellow adults.. A lot of us still put as much stock into what other peoples opinions of us are now, as we did when we were young. No more. You need to take control of your thoughts and feelings about yourself, and never give it away to someone else again.