Easy Fix for Broken Christmas Lights

Do you ever get so frustrated when you pull out last years Christmas lights
or your 'pre-lit' Christmas Tree, and like only half of the lights are working?!
I know I do! And I think I have found the answer!!!


7 Family Vacations to the Mediterranean

For those planning a European family adventure, we’ve put together this handy guide on some of the best holiday destinations.

From the friendly locals to the sun kissed beaches and stunning natural wonders, Malta offers something for travelers of all ages. There are also plenty of historic sights, many of which can be found in the capital, Valletta. Be sure to visit the 16th century, St Johns Co-Cathedral before lounging under the sun at the island's largest beach, Mellieha Bay. It’s a great place for those with smaller children, offering a gently sloping shoreline and calm waters. 


10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Christmas is drawing near my friends, so I will hop right to it! 
-OH and guess what?!.. Most of these items are less than 20 bucks!!

Prices are always subject to change, so I just put an approximate :)

        Approx $15.00
This is the most awesome book!!!!
I would have LOVED to have this when I was younger... Who am I kidding?
I secretly snatch it from my daughter and have so much fun drawing in it! Shhhhh don't tell! 
The book is super thick and full of awesomeness!
You can find it here: My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming


Why does the Lord want me to be Healthy?

This is one of the November lessons for Young Women in the LDS church.
I loved this lesson! We had such great discussions about all the different areas of Health.

I made these charts for them, and we wrote our goals down in each area on the chart. I encouraged them to hang these where they could see them everyday.


Top 4 baby toys

Top 4 baby toys 

We’ve all been there, you’ve gone round to some new parents house to meet the little one and you feel like you’ve walked into a war zone, bright, shiny plastic covering every available surface and you find yourself wondering how something so small can create such a mess, or what they could possibly do with all those toys? Looking to buy a present for a baby and don’t know where to begin? Clothes can be a bit of a minefield size-wise, toys are a much easier option. Fisher-Price toys have long been one of the leading brands in their field and with good reason, providing safe and stimulating toys guaranteed to keep even the most dependent of babies occupied. Here’s our guide to some of their best toys.


Listen to YOU, not those around you

Have you ever quit, or given up on something that you really liked because of something someone else has said to you, or about you? I know I have. Why is it that we put so much weight into what others think of us? 
You heard the words 'self-esteem' SO many times while you were growing up, am I right? I always heard grown-ups talking about him or her, and if they had a good self-esteem. As an adult now myself, I catch myself thinking/worrying about the youth I work with and my own children, and what they think of themselves? Do they have a good opinion of themselves? How can I help them realize how incredible they are?
Well then it got me thinking about myself and my fellow adults.. A lot of us still put as much stock into what other peoples opinions of us are now, as we did when we were young. No more. You need to take control of your thoughts and feelings about yourself, and never give it away to someone else again.


Sprucing up my desk with Tiny Prints

I like pretty things.. who doesn't??
I feel like I always need to take an average item and make it spectacular! 

I got darling new cards from Tiny Prints, and I knew they couldn't just sit in my drawer! 
I found a few of these little dishes in a clearance spot in Tai Pan (a home decor store).. but they were blue, and nothing in my office is blue!
So I broke out my gold leaf and enhanced it's natural beauty!

Stay tuned for some other small ways I am sprucing up my workspace.


Fun with Tulips by Andrea Queen B

 Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, and although they look amazing by themselves
I thought I'd have a little fun with them and add in some Lepto {Leptospermum}
The only drawbacks about Tulips I have are, that they just don't last :(
They are a bit pricey for having such a short life span.
Easy at-home flower arrangement
Can you tell I love Black, White and Hot Pink!?
Don't be afraid to add another color or texture in with your tulips..

..or they always look incredible all by themselves!
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Photos taken by: Sarah Anderson