OCG's TOP 50 Home Design Blogs

Ottowa General Contractors in Ottowa Ontario Canada 
compiled a list of their 
TOP 50 DIY Home Design Blogs and 
Queen B and Me made the cut!!!

Here's what they had to say:
"Queen B and Me shows the adventures of Andrea and her husband undertaking and offering tips on various DIY jobs around the house. Her posts offer a good price point and work involved with different DIY projects as well as showing pictures as their projects go on.
The project of Queen B and Me that caught my eye was “How to Refinish Hardwood Floors“. Their guide shows pictures every step of the way and the hard work involved when refinishing hardwood floors. They did a great job, and the finished product looks perfect."

WOW!! Thanks for the compliments!!
We are listed among some pretty awesome DIY sites
Go check out the list HERE

You can learn how to refinish hardwood floors yourself HERE

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