Makeup Tutorial by Andrea Queen B ~Yellow and Green~

Those of you who know me well, know that I wear MANY hats!! LOL
One of which is Makeup Artist/Stylist!
I have been in the makeup and beauty industry professionally for over 15 years, 
and I LOVE IT!
It is one more way that I get to CREATE!
I have prepared this tutorial for you by the request of many.. 
I hope it is helpful, and I am already working on more!

 I really tried to lay this out as easy as possible.
I used MAC Makeup for everything except the mascara.
Don't feel like you need to go out and buy all these colors at MAC,
there are comparable colors at the supermarket that will cost much less.
STEP 1. +Wash your hands+ Use your finger {with light pressure} to apply your base color all over lid, which will highlight your brow bone, and inner corner of eye.
STEP 2. Use your finger to apply a gold color on inner eyelid. 
STEP 3. Use your finger to apply a light green shade, right next to the gold, so they blend into one another.
STEP 4. Use your finger or a brush to apply a slightly darker green shade in a small C-shape so in blends into the lighter green, and rounds on top of it a bit.
STEP 5. Use a blending brush to apply your darkest green shade in your outer corner and blend up into crease in a big C shape. Bring the color thru the crease until in meets the gold color.
STEP 6. Use a blending brush and blend blend blend! You don't want hard lines, especially with dark colors! 
STEP 7. Eyeliner! This can be tricky, especially depending on what you are use to. I will be doing an eyeliner video soon to demonstrate the many different techniques and brands. However for this look I used a gel liner with an angled eyeliner brush. It gives a nice smooth, dark line.
Start at the outer corner with the brush turned up slightly to create the 'wing'... You can extend it as far as you are comfortable.. Continue carefully extending the line to the inner corner, letting the line get thinner and thinner.
If you want to apply to the bottom lashes, use the same technique.
STEP 8. Mascara! I love SO many brands, and I will share them all with you later.. But for this look I used L'OREAL LASH OUT BUTTERFLY.. and BONUS it's under $10 at the supermarket!!!! I use an eyelash curler, then I apply the mascara starting at the base of the lashes, moving the brush side to side slightly as I pull it up through the lashes. I recommend 3 to 4 coats... Or until you reach the coverage you desire.
STEP 9. Use an angled blush brush and apply blush on apples of cheeks, concentrate most of the color there, but blend it up into temples and down onto cheek as well.
Finish off with your favorite lipstick or gloss.

I have a tutorial for lips I am working on that I will share later this week.

Don't mind my red eyes, I was up all night with my sweet baby...
If you have any questions/Suggestions.. please let me know on here, FB or Insta!

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