Creative Summer Savings

My Parents surprised us this year and told us they were taking our family to 
Disneyland this Fall!
I haven't been since I was 17, and my hubs and kids have NEVER been!

Well it's come to this! Trying to come up with silly ways to sock away some extra change so we can have spending money!

I have to say that the naughty words jar was my daughters idea! LOL she cracks me up!
She wanted to go BUY jars to put the money in.. ahem, NO! We are trying to SAVE money babe!
And the girl has at least 20 piggy banks.. but no, we couldn't use those..
SO we got creative! Good thing I hang on to random things once in a while....

SO the naughty words jar is for negative words too!
.25 cents for negativity and $1.00 for profanity {my hubs is going to go broke! HA HA}

I included my daughters chore chart so you have an example
Some chores are everyday and some are once a week.
P.S. She's 7


I have an announcement!

We adopted a baby!!!!!!

We have been SO consumed with his arrival and with him in general, that I haven't even thought twice about my poor little lonely blog! 

So here I am! I didn't disappear! 
I have had newborn on the brain, and it's been wonderful!!

I still can't believe we are a family of 4!

I post on instagram nearly everyday, so if you want to, come find me there! @andreaqueenb or HERE