My Favorite Tools DIY~CRAFT~MAKEUP

Hey guess what! I got to go on MyCraftChannel.com and do a segment on my favorite tools!
It was SO FUN! 

They have lots of other great episodes, so stick around and watch a few!
THANKS TAUSHA for having me on your show!!!!

I talk about the following tools in my segment....
Ryobi Miter Saw.. or some call it a chop saw. You can make almost anything if you own one of these and they are less than $100.00!!!

 I took this picture from Purdy's website, so I'm sorry it's low quality. We prefer the 2.5 inch brush, but they come in all sizes.. their brushes are AMAZING! I think I have mentioned my hubs was a pro painter for 12 years, and this is the only brand he will buy!
My GLUE GUN! I use this thing more often than I care to admit! I love this one because it's small and has a High and Low setting... watch out for the high, it BURNS BAD if you touch the glue!
I use old books and hymnals to craft with all the time.. watch for them at yard sales or thrift stores. I got a bunch of old dictionaries and thesauruses from my parents when they were cleaning out there bookshelves... SCORE! 
I had a sweet friend send me this... and I LOVE it! It's a 3.5 inch. So many brands make these punches, so you are sure to find one.

I talked a little bit about the first 5 on the show, but I thought I would share a few more faves!
  1. MAC Brush Cleaner.. a must to clean and condition your makeup brushes
  2. MAC Foundation brush.. this can be used with a liquid OR powder foundation
  3. MAC Blending Brush.. the first (nice) brush I ever bought.. I still use it almost everyday
  4. MAC Studio Fix.. AWESOME Mineral powder foundation that sets as a liquid
  5. Loreal Telescopic Mascara.. They have a few mascaras in the telescopic line, and I love all of them
  6. MAC Blending Brush.. This blending brush helps you get your pigments darker and more concentrated than the other blending brush.. I typically use the white one first to get my pigments on, then feather and blend with the black blending brush.
  7. MAC Mineralize Blush.. great blush that works on most peoples skin.. it has a tiny bit of shimmer to give your cheekbones a beautiful glow.
  8. MAC Contour Blush Brush.. I could not go on without this ha! It is built to put the pigment where you want it, and blends it perfectly!
  9. MAC Angle Brush.. great for drawing perfectly straight lines for eyeliner or eyebrows
A behind the scenes shot.. those lights are HOT!!!
If you don't know these ladies.. you should.. they both have their own shows on My Craft Channel and they are super talented!
Tausha is on the left, her blog is: sassystyleredesign
Lori is on the right, her blog is: allreddesign

If you have any questions about any of these tools, or any other DIY tips, feel free to email me. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my episode! I have another one airing April 16th that's all about EASY flower arranging.. see you then!


Angelina- JoJo & Eloise said...

OH!! TOTALLY, TOTALLY, TOTALLY LOVED it!! Was that enough capitals and totally's or what!! Okay your TOTALLY lol!! Not going to believe this but I don't wear make-up.. Okay, I wear a little bit of Blush and Mascara sometimes but I've always been afraid to do the make-up thing.. I always feared walking around like the UGLY Barbie Head that just got made over by the little elementary school girl!! HA! I was going to buy a Mac, Mascara and wasn't able to for some Strange reason.. But I will have to try out the one you shared in the video ;) Loved your ADORABLE Bow belt.. SUPER cute!! Oh, I didn't know Martha made a High and Low temp glue gun!! That is going to be a MUST buy, NOW item.. My poor fingers will thank you!
Have a wonderful Friday!!

Bridget said...

Thanks for these tips. I need some serious help in the makeup department. (I've never even worn foundation in my life, I seriously have no idea about anything when it comes to makeup).