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Easter Egg Pennant

Easter Egg Pennant... a Dollar Store Craft
-I purchased the 'craft sticks' at WalMart in the crafty section (around $2.50 a bag)
-White acrylic Paint and paint brush
-Twine or jute 
-Clothespins (I glittered mine)
-Egg Pics from the Dollar Store... if they are sold out Hobby Lobby had lots, they are just slightly different
-Glue Gun and glue sticks 
-Pull the eggs off the sticks and cut them in half with a bread knife
-Put 6 big craft sticks next to each other and glue a small one across the top and bottom to hold them together
(make sure you leave enough room for the egg!)
-Paint them white
-Glue Eggs on
-Hang twine and clothespin them up! 

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Antique Desk Makeover

As you know... I love a good auction! I haven't been to one in a while, but I keep forgetting to share this beauty with you. I am SO glad I saw it's potential.. look how gorgeous she turned out!

I sanded my little heart out! But it was well worth it!

These 2 pics were taken last fall

I had to add some fun color for spring! 
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