Valentine Cards and Gift Ideas

If you want to use these prints I created, right click your mouse and save them to your computer... 
and it's polite to say THANK YOU! :)

My daughter has a male teacher, so this is what I came up with for him! 
Use it for Valentines, Birthday, or teacher appreciation!

 I created a female version for you as well! :)

 Add some jam and you have another cute gift!

 I hope these cards and ideas help make life a lil easier this Valentines
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I have a lot of other Valentine goodness, 
so stick around and browse!
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Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath

So I don't know what my problem is but I am creating like crazy this Valentines.. 
maybe it's the new year, I must feel refreshed!!!

I know coffee filter wreaths have been all the rage lately, so I had to make one (4) and  put my own spin on it!


I used this shimmer mist to color the filters pink, you can buy it at any craft or scrapbook store.
I set a few down in a box and gave each filter 2 quick spritz
They Dry REALLY fast
(Careful, this stuff stains!)
Coffee filters and wreath form were purchased at the dollar store
 1. After the pink ones dry, I layer them white, pink, white, pink
2.Pinch and twist the bottom till you get the top to look how you want it.
3. Simply staple it! Holds it together so you can make a whole bunch
4. Ready to glue them on!
 Make sure  you tie some ribbon or lace on your wreath first so you can have something to hang it with.
Then start gluing them on, I made all white ones too, so my wreath wasn't all pink, but you do what makes you happy!
Just keep adding more to the wreath till it's full and how you like it.
I embellished with pearls, ribbon and paper doilies.
So easy, cheap, and beautiful!
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Valentines Day 2 EASY DIY decor ideas

Well I WAS going to share the rest of my decor with you today, but I decided to share 2 EASY DIY decor ideas instead!

FIRST is this EASY Paper Garland!

 2nd is an EASY way to dress up an old frame

This is the picture I shared on Instagram the other day 
Click HERE to see more of my pictures.
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Decorating with Jars and Bottles ~Vday Part 1

I can feel it, so I was inspired to get creative with it!
Here are some fun ways to incorporate bottles and jars into your decor... This is part 1 of my Valentines decor, check back Sat for part 2!

The pic below is for instagram.. I often share my projects there first.. come say HI! @ms_robertson
 Of course bakers twine and washi tape make an appearance on most my jars!!
Clip a printable to a jar full of paper straws! Instant cuteness!
Go HERE for cute FREE printables!!

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EASY Be Mine Banner

HI FRIENDS!!! Did you miss me!? 
Oh my goodness, lots of crazy going on.. mostly sickness! 
Tiz the season I guess!

***With a CUTE and EASY Valentine Craft***

I put this photo on Instagram this morning! 
If you want a sneak peak of all my projects come find me and say HI! @ms_robertson 
 This particular banner I made was donated to a humanitarian project.

Me and my friend Jill came up with this project for a Church activity, and they all turned out beautiful! 
Red Arrow: Grab all your scrap ribbons and trims
Hot Pink Arrow: Bakers Twine {Scrapbook Store or Etsy}, Pearls {JoAnns}, and Paper Bags {Dollar Store}
Blue Arrow: Doilies {Dollar Store or WalMart} and Letters cut out on Cricut or Silhouette with glitter paper
Light Pink Arrow: Embellishments {found these at JoAnns}
I glued the ribbon across the back and punched little holes to add some embellishments. I recommend gluing the ribbon on rather than stringing it thru so the bags don't slide together.
 I thru this together to separate the Be and the Mine.. I cut out 3 scallops and folded them in half and attached them together.. then I cute 2 strips of glitter paper to hang down.
Go Make one!! SO cheap and SO easy!!!