My Craft Channel Episode all about ARROWS!!

Do you watch MyCraftChannel.com? If not, you should! 
There are SO many awesome videos, that will inspire you like crazy!!

I have had the opportunity to go and film a few, and here is my latest one, with the amazing
  Lori Allred.. all about ARROWS! 


Lori and I always have loads of fun together, and you should watch her other episodes, 
she has lots of great projects to share!

Crazy things happen when you least expect it, right!!?  Because of this little arrow onesie... I started a clothing line called Lucky Face Threads! And yes, I have an ARROW SHIRT!!!


Creative Summer Savings

My Parents surprised us this year and told us they were taking our family to 
Disneyland this Fall!
I haven't been since I was 17, and my hubs and kids have NEVER been!

Well it's come to this! Trying to come up with silly ways to sock away some extra change so we can have spending money!

I have to say that the naughty words jar was my daughters idea! LOL she cracks me up!
She wanted to go BUY jars to put the money in.. ahem, NO! We are trying to SAVE money babe!
And the girl has at least 20 piggy banks.. but no, we couldn't use those..
SO we got creative! Good thing I hang on to random things once in a while....

SO the naughty words jar is for negative words too!
.25 cents for negativity and $1.00 for profanity {my hubs is going to go broke! HA HA}

I included my daughters chore chart so you have an example
Some chores are everyday and some are once a week.
P.S. She's 7


I have an announcement!

We adopted a baby!!!!!!

We have been SO consumed with his arrival and with him in general, that I haven't even thought twice about my poor little lonely blog! 

So here I am! I didn't disappear! 
I have had newborn on the brain, and it's been wonderful!!

I still can't believe we are a family of 4!

I post on instagram nearly everyday, so if you want to, come find me there! @andreaqueenb or HERE


Craft Channel Episode 'Burlap'

I did another episode on My Craft Channel!! WOOHOOO 

All Burlap came from BurlapFabric.com

The tutorial for the July 4th Garland is HERE

The Burlap Cones can be found HERE


My Favorite Tools DIY~CRAFT~MAKEUP

Hey guess what! I got to go on MyCraftChannel.com and do a segment on my favorite tools!
It was SO FUN! 

They have lots of other great episodes, so stick around and watch a few!
THANKS TAUSHA for having me on your show!!!!


10 Ways to be AWESOME at Instagram

*Last update to this post was done August 2014*
  S0, read on grasshoppah!
If you have any questions or suggestions, leave me a comment here or on any of my social media sites.
SUP!? Glad you are Here!!!


Easter Egg Pennant

Easter Egg Pennant... a Dollar Store Craft
-I purchased the 'craft sticks' at WalMart in the crafty section (around $2.50 a bag)
-White acrylic Paint and paint brush
-Twine or jute 
-Clothespins (I glittered mine)
-Egg Pics from the Dollar Store... if they are sold out Hobby Lobby had lots, they are just slightly different
-Glue Gun and glue sticks 
-Pull the eggs off the sticks and cut them in half with a bread knife
-Put 6 big craft sticks next to each other and glue a small one across the top and bottom to hold them together
(make sure you leave enough room for the egg!)
-Paint them white
-Glue Eggs on
-Hang twine and clothespin them up! 

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Antique Desk Makeover

As you know... I love a good auction! I haven't been to one in a while, but I keep forgetting to share this beauty with you. I am SO glad I saw it's potential.. look how gorgeous she turned out!

I sanded my little heart out! But it was well worth it!

These 2 pics were taken last fall

I had to add some fun color for spring! 
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$90 DIY Kitchen Countertops

 Only $90!?! YES! You read it right!!
Here's How...

Measure the length and width of your countertops.. 
make sure you have accounted for any overhangs! 
Call your local saw mill (we drove 2 hours away for ours) 
Ask them how wide their mill will cut (most can cut up to 24" wide.. and that's what you want) 
We had to go wider because of our sink.
Ask them if they have Douglas-Fir (or Oregon Pine).. it is a very hard, resilient wood that is recommended for countertops and such.
Tell them what you're project is, and they will give you a price and cut enough for you.
I wanted 2.5" thick, but 2" is plenty for most normal kitchens.. if you go much thinner you are subject to warping.
We wanted raw bark on the front of ours, but you certainly don't have to.

Make sure tops of cabinets are LEVEL before beginning

Measure and cut your pieces.. we kept taking them in the house and laying them out, just to make sure.. we only had to re-cut a piece once!

Then you SAND!!!!!!!!!! Start with 60 grit, move to 80 then 100, then 150, then 180, and finish with 200 or 220 depending on how smooth you want them.
Make sure you are gluing and screwing them together from the bottom, if you have conjoining pieces. When they are in place, screw them to your cabinets from underneath.(obviously)
At this point you can stain them.. I chose not to, and went with the natural color that the polyurethane pulled out. P.S We used the same polyurethane that we used on our floors (find that post HERE)
We bought it at PPG Porter Paints.
OH and we applied 6 coats!!!! Sanding lightly between each coat.

I am in LOVE with them! They are sturdy and stay very clean... 
I DO NOT cut on mine.. I ALWAYS use a cutting board!
I use vinegar and clorox wipes to clean and disinfect.

The arrow is pointing at one of my favorite things in my kitchen!
It is Vintage Ceiling Tiles that were salvaged from a building in Paris. And I cut them up for my backsplash. YES, they were expensive! But I am sure you can find them at flea markets or antique shops for less.
 Yes, my drawer fronts are chalkboard! Awesome huh!!!

From the flowers in my sink above! I just love arranging flowers, and I LOVE having fresh flowers in my home, it just makes me feel happy! Thanks to my Mom who gave them to me!
To see my complete kitchen remodel, and the scary before pictures click HERE.

My countertops are being featured on bobvila.com!


Cheap and Easy Succulent Gift

Need an easy quick gift for a teacher or a friend?

Get some thrifted china and a small succulent! 

Add a cute tag that says {1 ice cube a week} Yup, that's all it needs! 
Low maintenance, but so adorable!!!!

 Go HERE or HERE for some more Easy Gift Ideas


Valentine Cards and Gift Ideas

If you want to use these prints I created, right click your mouse and save them to your computer... 
and it's polite to say THANK YOU! :)

My daughter has a male teacher, so this is what I came up with for him! 
Use it for Valentines, Birthday, or teacher appreciation!

 I created a female version for you as well! :)

 Add some jam and you have another cute gift!

 I hope these cards and ideas help make life a lil easier this Valentines
For other gift ideas go HERE
I have a lot of other Valentine goodness, 
so stick around and browse!
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