DIY Fireplace Screens

I HAD to get rid of that black hole that is my fireplace! My hubs wont let me paint up inside it because we will use it if we need to. 
I went looking at fireplace screens and WHOA!!! When you are saving for an adoption EVERY penny counts, and I could NOT bring myself to spend that much! 
As I was falling asleep one night (when all my best ideas come to me) 
I remembered that there were 2 old closet doors out leaning against our garage.
The next morning I told my hubs to go out and cut those doors in half (he doesn't ask questions anymore) 
They were dirty and DARK shiny black, so I cleaned 'em, sanded 'em, primed 'em, painted 'em, taped 'em off, and painted 'em again!
I decided to go with pink stripes, that way I can use these from Valentines to Halloween... I have plans for the black hole in the fall :)


 I love using unconventional items for different things, and y'all know I LOVE DIY!!

To see more pics of the fireplace before and after go HERE or HERE.
If you love the photoshop brushes I used in my photos I bought them from 
Rhonna Designs.. her stuff is SO fabulous!!
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How to *Antique* using Spray Paint

I am the DIY extraordinaire in case you forgot! lol
Things are REALLY crazy in the Queen B house right now, so I am offering you a super easy quick tutorial today, hope that's ok!

I am always short on patience time, and I was in the mood to give this shelf a good makeover... but QUICKLY!
 My sis-in-law made me this shelf about 8 yrs ago and I painted it barn red... because that's what I was into back then... I still kinda love it, but for outside... on a barn! lol!
I lost the knobs long ago!!
 Anyway.. I Sanded her up, and spray painted WHITE....
 Then Spray Painted BLACK
Click HERE to see me CORRECTLY spray paint the shelf black... and YES, there IS a correct way to use spray paint! who new?!

After those quick coats of paint, I mixed up a beautiful shade of blue with paints I already had, and brushed it on, not being super careful... 
I waited 30 min, then I started sanding to get all those different shades of paint to come thru. 
Use as many colors as you want!! I wish I would have done a pretty pink in there somewhere!

  To add some final touches I added stenciling and HOME-MADE knobs! Click HERE for tutorial on how to make your own knobs.
Isn't she GORG?! Looks like a totally different shelf!
If you know me AT ALL, you know I LOVE a good makeover
(on Things OR People!)
Feel free to say HI! I just LOVE new friends!!

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Living Room {Makeover}

Step up on soapbox.. Tap Tap, "Is this thing on?"
I recently read a post on a (popular) blog that talked about how you SHOULD decorate your house, and a few decorating "rules"  BLECK!... I was infuriated after I read it, Cause guess what!? WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!!! And we should express our INDIVIDUAL style as such!!! (unless you are a hoarder, then there is therapy for that lol)
Me?: I don't care if it doesn't match, if it's not symmetrical, or in some cases if it's broken!

Here is another tidbit about me I bet you didn't know... I studied Interior Design in High School and College.. I even won some awards! Crazy thing is.. it cramped my style for a while!
Trying to follow all the "rules" I lost MY creative expression.
So I quit! I quit trying to follow all the rules.. And I just let me be me.
(However.. if you are staging your house to sell it, following basic design guidelines is a good idea, because those 'rules' are pleasing to almost everybody)
Anyway.. no offense intended.. I just hope you are true to what YOU like... and if you like me, and you like my style, and you aren't going to judge me cuz I don't follow the rules.. then stick around my friend, because I am sure you will like what's in store!
 Just thought I would share some pics of my Living Room..

 Quite a difference in Looks... and smells!
 I will be sharing more pictures of the rest of this room soon, but I am in the process of re-decorating it :)
My favorite lil corner.. 


How to Make *Decorative Knobs*

So I kinda love being put in a bind sometimes, because it forces me to get creative!
I was trying to finish up a contributor post for Lil' Luna and I had NO time to run over to Hobby Lobby for knobs!
AAAHHH!! What to do? What to do?

I was in WalMart and walked by the crafty section... My creative juices started flowing and I picked up some really pretty necklace pendants for 3.00 a piece.
 These were my first choice....
 Then I saw THESE!!!! I used pliers to carefully break off the ring on the top that holds the necklace chain.
I ran home and rummaged thru my own craft supplies for something I could use to attach them to my shelf!

I decided to use upholstery tacks I had left over from another project. I hot glued mine (for times sake). 
But for permanent hold use hammerhead or E6000 glue.
See how the shelf needs a little added pizazz!! 

{to see how I antiqued this shelf using spray paint go HERE}

The upholstery tack worked great because I was able to push it straight into the wood without having to drill any holes.

Now for USABLE knobs, use a permanent glue to attach a bead or short wood dowel to the back of jewel so it pokes out a bit from your drawer. Then glue a longer screw or bolt to that to go thru your drawer, put a nut on the back and you are DONE!
(if you want me to do a video tutorial or picture tutorial on exactly how to do this, let me know!)

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