Burlap Garland *red* *white* *blue*

EASY Burlap Garland!

I got these rolls of burlap from burlapfabric.com 
(awesome site for all things burlap)
 Thread a big yarn needle and make a big knot at the end of your yarn.
 Then all you do is weave your needle thru the burlap! SO EASY!!!
 If you know me tho, I can't keep anything plain! I added in all kinds of different ribbons, doilies, feathers, book pages, the kitchen sink.. HA!

 It's hanging proudly above my front door!

ALSO miss Rhonna Farrer wrote an inspiring post on the power of social media.. using it to help each other.. her blog is A-MAZING!!!


The 'RIGHT' way to Spray Paint

Today I thought I would show you the RIGHT way to use Spray Paint
My hubs changed careers about 3 yrs ago.. but before that he had been a Professional painter for 10 years. {He has taught me all the tricks!}
I have lots of other great painting tips to share, so keep checking back!
This video only lasts like 40sec. so I know you can watch it real quick! :)

Check out the finished shelf HERE

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Planter Drawers {Makeover}

Well I have done it again! I have been wanting to add some more planter drawers to the other side of my porch, and I finally did! 
To see the OTHER drawers go HERE
 I got these drawers from my late father in law.. he had a 'man room'.. and they were going to throw these out... well you all know I wasn't going to let that happen!

I got a (free) GORGEOUS stencil from Royal Design Studio at SNAP, I have been waiting for the perfect project to use it on, and I think I couldn't have chosen a better one! 
The stencil is called Indian Paisley 7.5inX10in 
I am still putting the finishing touches on our curb appeal makeover, so keep checking back for the whole reveal!