Spring/Easter Decor

Well I finally decided to decorate, I have been so NOT motivated for some reason! Maybe it's because we are painting the basement, so everything from down there is up here with us crowding me out!!
I hate cluttery messes, and that's all my house is right now, I am literally crawling out of my skin!
OK Anyway, Here is my Spring/Easter Decor! YAY!

Here is a closer look at the many little vignettes I have all over my fireplace mantle.
I LOVE that Rabbit, isn't he cute! OH and my gumball machine is probably one of my most favorite 'decorations'.
See the cute pillow on my couch.. the one in back, with the dark brown damask print? I just made that a couple weeks ago.. well I made 3 actually and I am swooning over them every time I see them.
OH! Happy Spring!
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Easter Prints {FREE}

Hoppy Easter Everyone!! 
Jess has designed these DARLING prints for us for Easter, please go visit her and say THANK YOU!

These Prints are for personal use only, and it is common courtesy to say THANK YOU and follow along with us... 
I promise you wont regret it!!

Lately I have been in a mood where the simpler the better! So I printed these out on card stock and clothes-pinned them up! I inked the edges of Hoppy Easter and the crinkled them a bit.

For MORE inspiration on how you can display printables go HERE and HERE!

Come back in a day or 2, because I will be sharing my SPRING MANTEL with you all, AND fun cheap ways to spruce up your fireplace!
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House Numbers {Makeover}

I know I have a picture of what the house numbers looked like when we bought the house... I will find it and add it later. But it was bad, I think one of the numbers was missing.
My Mom bought herself some of these house numbers, and I thought they were pretty cute, so I grabbed some too {Hobby Lobby} they were $2.99 each, 50% off! {3 mos ago}
I bought this frame at an auction, I bid on a whole box of {crap} only paid $2.50 because no one bid against me! Anyway the frame was in the box, amongst other fun treasures I will share with you shortly.
I always have left over bead board from some project, so I had my hubs cut it to the size of the frame.
I painted the bead board the same color as my front door, and hot glued it to the frame.. Then I cut the ribbon off the numbers and glued them to the bead board. (I used e6000)

FINALLY I got it hung up on my house! 
{We have owned the house since June, and trying to tell anyone where you live without house numbers is a bit of a challenge} 
I always tell people to look for the YELLOW MAILBOX!
But now people can find me!! YAY!

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Subway Tile DIY {Bathroom Part 2}

Looking For Part 1? Go HERE

For ya'll to appreciate our efforts, let me give you a quick BEFORE tour....
   This is what we saw {and smelled} our second time coming to look at this house.. we were trying to decide if we REALLY wanted to take on such an enormous re-model.
Don't ya just love the raw particle board shelving unit wedged between the toilet and tub? It was SO gross, stains and spills all over it! 
I don't know HOW the toilet even worked, it had cracks all over it and it was sinking through the floor. 
And the TUB SO gross, I wish I would have taken a picture of the inside, but then some of you wouldn't have been able to eat for days! You can see all the mold on the window and in the tile touching the tub... I have gone thru a lot of bleach in this house, before the house was even ours, I was spraying everything down with Lysol and Bleach LOL!!

Finally the house was ours, and we started tearing EVERYTHING apart immediately!
Our original plan DID NOT include tearing down all the walls, they seemed to be in great shape. All we were going to do was replace all the fixtures, {new Sink, Toilet, & Tub} unfortunately when we tore out the tub we found LOTS of mold. We thought it would be wise not to leave any other 'secrets' behind the walls. so they all came down {to our benefit, I might add}

New sheetrock for a tiny bathroom like this was very affordable, and we made sure to buy green board. Tearing out the walls gave us total plumbing access, so we swapped out the old plumbing for PEX {Super Cheap}
YES, that is a sink upside down in the tub... It was my dream sink, unfortunately we could NOT get it to work in this bathroom.. but I will save it for the next one! 
Go HERE to read about the other sink we found and for after pics of the bathroom cabinet.

OK let's get down to PART 2 and finish up with the Grout!
1. You can't grout without a rubber float, so make sure you have one, I took a close up pic of the label just in case. 
You will need a sponge to clean your tile really well after you get the grout on AND when you start sealing the grout
{the level inched it's way into this pic somehow, but you will need it when you are laying the tile}

2. Grout, a pretty obvious component.. Grout comes in MANY different colors, so pick the one you think will go with your tile and decor the best. 
I picked DELOREAN GRAY #165. At first I wanted a dark grey, but then I saw this.. How could I resist a color that reminded me of my favorite movie 'Back to the Future'? HA HA Anyway I really liked the lighter grey, and now that it is all done, I am LOVING it!

3. Grout Sealer.. We My husband bought a couple others before we got this one. I told him to look up their ratings online. When he finally did, we returned them and asked an associate what his favorite sealer was and he recommended this one. We have been happy with it so far, and it had great ratings online.

4. More Calk {Same brand as Grout}.. I don't know if you can see it or not, but it is also DELOREAN GREY. Use this to do a final bead around the edge of the tub where it meets the tile {pictured below} and around your faucet fixtures.

1. Make sure your tub is protected! Throughout the WHOLE process!
Since my hubs use to be a professional painter, we have this nifty masking tool {picture #2} So we masked the edges of the tub so the grout lines would be straight.. I recommend this, even if you just have to use some thick tape.
You can get a masking tool at any paint store

3. Follow the mixing directions on the bag of Grout and get started! Scoop some up on your float and press it into every nook, cranny, and joint!

4. Take an Ibuprofen when you start, cuz man o man your arms & shoulders get sore and tired quick! I gave my hubs a lil break, it really is pretty easy. We had it grouted in 2 hours.

CLEAN AS YOU GO!! Have a wet sponge handy, after an area has set for about 15 minutes, wipe it down really well. 
As you can see there are 2 buckets in the tub with me, one has the grout, and the other has clean water so I can constantly rinse my sponge. 
After it is all wiped down and looks pretty clean, go over the tile again really good with a soft rag until there is no more grout residue. Let the grout cure 48 to 72 hours depending on the brand, before you can start sealing.

Sealing the grout looks exactly like cleaning the grout! Use a smaller sponge or you will waste a lot! Also have lots of soft rags that your are willing to throw out.
Wipe the sealer over the grout and tile, paying special attention working it into the grout. As you go, wipe off your tile with soft rags, if you don't you will see clear drips on your tile.
DO 2 coats, one right after the other. To completely seal the grout only took about an hour. Then let it cure for 48 to 72 hours.

Caulk your edges {AGAIN}.. Run a bead of caulk around the perimeter of the tub, then smooth it out with your finger being careful to wipe off excess often. Let dry for a few hours.

WOW! DONE! Install your tub fixtures and shower curtain and you are good to go get your clean on!!
*We were able to install most of the fixtures ourselves with no problems, But because I wanted a fancy spout our neighbor had to come help us a bit.

*We use PPG Porter Paint, color is Martha Stewart Seaglass
I had to include this lil cabinet. I had been looking for more storage for this lil bathroom, but I knew with the awkward measurements and tight spaces I would have to have something custom built... 
Well I went to an antique auction just up the street from my house, and this lil gal came up, I bid $20.00 and I got it!! 
I had NO clue if it would even fit, but it does!! PERFECTLY!! 
The only thing I did to it was clean it! {which is NOT like me, but I didn't think it needed changing... yet}


If you have ANY questions about how to lay tile, or remodeling, or makovering.. let me know, I am glad to help! 
Click around to see our remodeling journey in rest of the house!!
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Subway Tile DIY {Bathroom~Part1}

Looking for Part 2? Go HERE

This is the last and final part of our Bathroom Remodel on a budget! If you want to see the rest of the bathroom, and price breakdown go here. Please say HI, I LOVE new blog friends!

Let's get down to business and learn how to lay some tile, shall we? These steps can be used for pretty much ANYWHERE you want to install tile.. with a few modifications of course.

I am well aware of the thousands of YouTube videos out there showing you how to lay tile, and I suggest you watch some... but for me, I am a LIST and PICTURE kind of girl, I want to check things off as I go, and not worry about watching a video 500 times afraid I have missed something... Just spell it out for me in black and white, and I can conquer it! {I wish!}

For this tile job, we are starting on new sheetrock, but if you want to re-model your tub surround, I will explain that too.
1. If you are tearing out an old tub surround, make sure that the sheetrock behind it is in good condition {meaning NO water damage}
If there is, make SURE the water was coming from that bathroom and not anywhere else in the house, then tear the water damaged sheetrock out, and treat walls for mold {Watered down bleach works great!}
Then replace the old sheetrock with Green Board Sheetrock {It is made for humid areas}

2. Purchase HARDIEBACKER WET AREA CEMENT BOARD in quarter inch or half inch thickness {It's totally personal preference} It comes in 3X5 ft sheets and they are about $10 bucks a piece. We used 5 for our bathroom, but it all depends on your dimensions.
*You need to buy screws that are made specifically for cement board, no pre-drilling required. {at least not for us, they went right in}

3. As you can see ours looks like a puzzle, we pieced it together the best we could to get the most out of those sheets cuz they are pricey!

4. MORTAR... Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar {Comes in a few colors}
You definitely need this! We used some of this dark grey that we had left over from a previous project to seal the corner joints. 

5. Mesh Tape.. Only costs a few bucks. 

6. Drill {preferably one you plug in}If you don't have one, I am sure you know someone who does.. and a Paddle bit~($12.00)
A 5-gallon bucket works best for mixing the Mortar and Grout.

7. Seal your corners and any other big gaps between the cement boards. Apply the mesh tape {it's sticky}over the gaps, then cover tape liberally with Mortar using a putty knife or smooth edge of trowel. Let dry for at least 3 hrs.

1. Trim for the edges of the tile, believe it or not- we almost forgot all about this.. We bought 58 of them at.77 cents a piece, and we returned about 18 of them.

2. If you go with a trim around the edges make sure you get the corner piece.. and obviously you need the main tile you will be using. We chose 3X6 Subway tile at only .25 cents a piece. We used about 450 tiles.

3. Shower Storage! We bought 4 of these corner shelves at $20 bucks a pop! We ended up returning 2 of them and only put shelves in the back. It looked too crowded with all 4. {Plus I thought it was ridiculous to pay $80.00 for shelving!

4. Notched Trowel; the size of your tile will depend on the size  of the trowel you will need. The notched trowel is what you use to spread the mortar(thin set)onto the surface you will be tiling.  

5. Silicone Calk. Calk the top edges of your tub to the sheetrock, then again after you put up the cement board, then again when you are totally finished, you don't want to risk ANY leaks! {I will have pictures of this in Part 2}

6. Tile Saw; obviously an important one, hopefully you can borrow this from someone, but if not the one pictured is around $100.00 and it did the job great!

1. Measure from the top of your tub to the ceiling or to where the top row of tiles will go. Calculate and mark the mid-point of the wall.  Take the mid-point and divide it by the size of tile you will be using. (If you will be using spacers in between tiles make sure you calculate that into the lay out). If you end up with more than one tile, move your mid-point to that measurement. This will make it so you will have a full piece of tile at the bottom next to your tub and a partial tile up at the top. You will need to take a level and extend the mid-point to all walls being tiled. Make sure the lines are LEVEL, then screw a STRAIGHT board on the marks and begin spreading your Mortar.

2. If you are putting edge/trim pieces on like we did, make sure you leave enough room for the trim pieces to fit. Make sure you put the edges on last.

3. {Work in an 18X18in area at a time} when you apply the mortar(thin set)you will swipe it on the wall with your trowel using the smooth side. When you have generous coverage make sure you don't scrape too much off when you swipe over it with the grooved side.

4. Not enough mortar on the wall

5. After the upper part is dry, remove the board and work your way down to the tub setting the tile, make sure you tape each tile to the one above to prevent them from sliding down. ALSO, IF you are installing corner shelves, make sure you leave room for them {you install them last}

6. Make sure you drill a hole with a tile bit to fit the tiles over your shower head and tub faucet... Do not cut around it like my hubs did, our faucet won't cover that.

7. Installing the shelves, use plenty of mortar, it will act as a suction cup as you place them... and make sure you tape them up good so they stay in place.

8. Depending on how you measure for your shelves, you may have small cut pieces you have to fit in around your shelves.

9. On the top of the inside corners you will have gaps, you can buy tile corners, but we found them unnecessary and we filled those gaps with grout.

Thanks for reading through this, I KNOW it is A LOT of information. For a Tutorial on how I jazzed up the front of the Tub, go HERE.
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Burlap Projects {EASY}

I have LOVED the look of Burlap since I was little, I can't stand the texture to touch it, But I LOVE the look! It matches my home decor really well too, so I REALLY LOVE that!

I have been seeing SUPER CUTE Burlap wreaths and projects all over the place.
So while I was out shopping the other day, I bought 4yrds {I had NO idea it was SO cheap!}
I had no idea WHAT I wanted to make, but I knew I would use it eventually!
It sat in the sack for 3wks or so in the corner of my kitchen floor 
nagging at me constantly to make something, ANYTHING with it.

So here are a few things I whipped up in about an hour! ~And I still have about 1/4 of a yard left over!!!~
This lil birds nest is SO sweet, it is the same idea as a wrap-as-you-go fabric flower, just keep your 'petals' SUPER loose! Then I randomly cut into it, and frayed it to look like twigs. 
{Took about 10 min, because my glue gun was SUPER hot and the glue wouldn't set}

My version of a Burlap Wreath
{I wanted it to be a QUICK-EASY project, cuz I am SHORT on time 'round here as it is}

 1. Cut 7 to 8 inch wide strips {3 of them} About 4 to 5 ft long
2. Safety Pin the 3 strips together at the top and attach them to something {in my case it was my couch} 
~Braid the strips into a loose slouchy braid and safety pin the end when you are done
3. You need some sort of medium sized wreath form.
~Then start attaching the braided burlap to your wreath form with pins {if it's foam} and with wire or hot glue for any other form.
Then I added a bow and some burlap flowers {making these flowers gave me the nest idea}
{Took me about 40 minutes to make, would have been less but I burned myself, geez}

We all have these cheep-o cork-boards lying around somewhere... well as you can see, I already gave it ONE makeover {about 4 yrs ago} and I am just NOT diggin it {don't think I EVER did LOL}

   LOVE Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs {who doesn't} and I have seen super cute burlap cork-boards on their websites, but they want like a million dollars for them, so I thought I would just try and make my own! 
I bought these Tacks at WalMart for a dollar something a bag, I bought 4 bags and only used 2 and a half!
The burlap is a bit see-thru so I folded it in half, draped it over the cork-board so that it overlapped about 3 inches on all sides.
Then I cut off the excess and started pushing in the tacks!
It is VERY important that you do this BEFORE you staple the fabric to the back of the board.
 It's nothing super fancy, but it looks a WHOLE lot better than it did, and it cost me under $5.00!!!!
{Took about 15 minutes}

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Bathtub Face {Makeover}

I thought we had the tiniest bathroom ever! I have seen smaller since, but mine is still pretty small, and the dimensions are weird. 
I REALLY wanted a claw-foot, but we just couldn't find one that would work. The story about the WHOLE bathroom remodel and cost breakdown is HERE. I also have a Subway Tile Tutorial split into 2 posts found HERE and HERE.
This is my sweetie installing the new hardwood floors. This has nothing to do with the post, but I thought it was a great picture to show how little the bathroom is.

Normally you would put the tub in first, then sheetrock, but like I said, I thought I was getting a claw-foot. So we had to cut out the sheetrock and redo a little bit of the plumbing for a normal tub.
When installing a tub, you want to make sure it is braced well on  2X4's on the wall and underneath the tub
The arrow by the wall is pointing at the 2X4 you screw into your wall to rest the tub on for extra support. You do this on all four sides! {You will build a small pony wall for the front side} AND MAKE SURE IT IS LEVEL!!!
Not all floors are totally even so we had to throw in some shims. 

Now for the Face of the Tub
I didn't want the typical tiled tub face, so I convinced my hubs to put up bead board and have it mimic our ceiling. To see the ceiling go HERE.
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of what it looked like under the bead board so I will explain what we did...
My hubs built a small pony wall, which is basically a 2X4 on the floor with vertical 2X4's nailed to it holding up the front side of the tub.
1. We sheet-rocked over the 2X4's and nailed the bead board onto the sheet rock. 

2. Added base trim {8in wide} all around the room and front of tub, added top border {5in wide}.

3. Placed vertical boards to hide seams and add a decorative element.

*NOTE: I use PPG Porter Paint and the wall color is Martha Stewart SeaGlass
Again, here is the before and after
I am in LOVE with my fully functioning small bathroom! We have been living in this house since December 1st, and just last night we were able to take our first shower here! 
Almost 4 months of showering at my moms or my in-laws... 

We didn't get to the glory without a few set backs of course! 

So last night as I was draining my daughters bath water I started to smell something sewer-ish. I yelled at my hubs to run downstairs and check it out.. of course he grumbled.. but then all of the sudden I hear "OH $#*@!" And I knew it couldn't be good.
Well our drain pipes hadn't had that much water pressure run through them since Jan of LAST year! SO basically all that pressure pushed out a clog, {SO NASTY} and it all came gushing out my laundry drain, and ALL over the basement. UGH!!! We were up till 2am or so shop-vacing and cleaning out the basement. And of course I had my bottle of bleach, spraying it EVERYWHERE! Everything seems to be working fine now, but I am going to keep a close eye!
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