Bistro Kitchen Reveal

YAY! I can finally cook without washing dishes in the bathtub!!

I decided to ignore 'design rules'.. well I usually do! But anyway, this kitchen is ALL ME! 
And I am in LOVE with it.
These vintage ceiling tiles that I used for my backsplash came out of an old building being demolished in Paris,
so they are obviously one of my favorite features in my new kitchen! ;)
Don't get me wrong, we remodeled this kitchen on a very tight budget... lots of up-cycling and recycling! AND we did it all ourselves! {with the occasional help from a neighbor or family member of course!}

Ok, going thru these photos, I am flabbergasted that this was really the kitchen in the house we bought!

I know you can't see everything in these photos, but most cabinets are caked in grease, dirt, blood,, who knows!

I had so much fun pouring my heart and soul into the design and remodel of this kitchen!

These shelves are definitely my favorite part of my kitchen, they brighten my day when I look at them!
I know this After isn't AFTER all the way, but I think it shows it off better this way, without all the food and island in the way. :) Can you pick out all the things that are different?!

Yup, I had this crazy idea how to build our own countertops, and it worked marvelously!

I will post more info on the countertops later.
 We built our own drawer fronts.. they are chalkboard!

I built this bistro table by sawing a table in half, and then painting it. Since there is no room for a kitchen table, I decided this would work great, and it does!
{Don't mind the skelly and pumkins, it's fall!}

One more look at the before and afters!


Julie said...

Super charming! Great job!

Designed by Dawn Nicole said...

This is A-MAZING! I love the countertops and the "Magic" banner is so cool over the B&W counter.

Megan said...

I ADORE your style and this kitchen is sooooooo cute!! I get so tired of seeing the same white kitchens over and over and over again. Your creativity is so inspiring!!

Marci welcker said...

A.dorable. Seriously love how fun it is!!!!!

Hi I'm Shannon! said...

Oh my! It's just sooo seriously CUTE! Happy. Sweet. Cottagey. Darling.

I love it :)

Bridget said...

Adorable! You have such fun style!

Louise said...

I love your style!! All the different little touches... I esp love the bistro table and those little shelves!! Gorgeous

Louise @loulovesthis

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Wow! What a transformation--good for you! Love it--you did an amazing job and I love your style. :)

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Oh wow! Great job I live your kitchen.

Pollyanna said...

Oh Andrea, astonishingly lovely!! I adore the black and white touches, and the wall color. You can be proud!!

mwimp said...

oh my gosh - it is amazing PPPLLLLEEEEEEEASE come and do mine!!

mwimp said...

a couple questions - it looks like you have a gas stove - do u have a vent?

please tell me you are going to give us a tutorial or how u did the countertops.

i jsut luv it all so much!

lala said...

Absolutely, positively AMAZING!!! Your kitchen is incredibly charming- I would so love cooking in this space!. Your colors and accessories give this room such a wonderful ambiance, it makes me happy just looking at it. Truly a fabulous makeover!!!! Congratulations!

Lolly Jane said...

Go girl! LOVE! I'll be there for Christmas (I think!) and will be detouring to YOUR place! Love you!

Good Time Charlie said...

WOW! What an adorable and amazing makeover. And how fun that you were able to make it exactly to suit your style. I am sharing tomorrow at my party, but I am having a really hard time deciding on which picture!! They are all so adorable. Do you live near me? I want to come and see it all in person!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

I just love this, it's so charming, unique and original. great job!!

Michelle Lunt said...

Been there, done that Girlfriend {washing dishes in the bathtub}! I love your cottage kitchen vibe. It looks so fun & whimsical.

Warmly, Michelle

pink*cherub*moon said...

What a cute kitchen! Great remodel! I love the colors, the appliances, the curtains - everything! You did a spectacular job! Thank for shairng! Hugs, Leena

Debra said...

This is absolutely charming! :)

crazykitsy said...

I am impressed!
Wow - you did a great job.


Isabelle Thornton said...

You are a genius! Beautiful!