DIY Fireplace Screens

I HAD to get rid of that black hole that is my fireplace! My hubs wont let me paint up inside it because we will use it if we need to. 
I went looking at fireplace screens and WHOA!!! When you are saving for an adoption EVERY penny counts, and I could NOT bring myself to spend that much! 
As I was falling asleep one night (when all my best ideas come to me) 
I remembered that there were 2 old closet doors out leaning against our garage.
The next morning I told my hubs to go out and cut those doors in half (he doesn't ask questions anymore) 
They were dirty and DARK shiny black, so I cleaned 'em, sanded 'em, primed 'em, painted 'em, taped 'em off, and painted 'em again!
I decided to go with pink stripes, that way I can use these from Valentines to Halloween... I have plans for the black hole in the fall :)


 I love using unconventional items for different things, and y'all know I LOVE DIY!!

To see more pics of the fireplace before and after go HERE or HERE.
If you love the photoshop brushes I used in my photos I bought them from 
Rhonna Designs.. her stuff is SO fabulous!!
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wow really like what you did and it is not to girlie either. I like how you use things that will take you thur a few different holidays and season. I have a double sided fireplace with glass doors. On one side is the green with angel everyone. The other side is where we put things from our travels. You see the side is our kitchen combo room. Since everyone always seems together in the kitchen anyways we decide why not have the family room and kitchen/dinner one hugh room with lots of window to bring the outside in. Thanks for sharing. Brinda