Planter Drawers {Makeover}

Well I have done it again! I have been wanting to add some more planter drawers to the other side of my porch, and I finally did! 
To see the OTHER drawers go HERE
 I got these drawers from my late father in law.. he had a 'man room'.. and they were going to throw these out... well you all know I wasn't going to let that happen!

I got a (free) GORGEOUS stencil from Royal Design Studio at SNAP, I have been waiting for the perfect project to use it on, and I think I couldn't have chosen a better one! 
The stencil is called Indian Paisley 7.5inX10in 
I am still putting the finishing touches on our curb appeal makeover, so keep checking back for the whole reveal!


mwimp said...

luv it - i would luv to see a full view pix of the front of your house. i would to see how it all works togather!

Bridget said...

Oh gosh! For cute! You are so talented it's crazy!

Karen at Bargain-ista.com said...

These drawers look amazing! The stencil is perfect! Love how you repurposed a family heirloom :)

Heidi @ Honeybear Lane said...

This is super cute! Your whole blog is really. I shared this on my FB page!

twelve-O-eight said...

These are sooooo pretty!!!!! They look beautiful :)

Hugs, Tanya

Mary Ellen said...

What a great idea! I too would love to see a panoramic view of where you have these - I always need ideas for my garden beds.

trumatter said...

Okay, seriously, this is amazing. And its totally my kinda craft. I love these Queen Bee.

From a DIY craft Drone :)

Nook and Cranny said...

I love these planter drawers, fantastic.
I have to find me some.
Thanks for the inspiration.

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