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 As some of you know I have been really sick with pneumonia and my food allergies... 
  I haven't felt well enough yet to come up with lots of darling ways to display these... Look HERE for some inspiration from the printables at Valentines.
 I scaled the tag down to a 4X6, punched a hole in the corner and tied it with some bakers twine. Couldn't be easier than that!!


Vintage Kitchen {Makeover}

My Mom picked up this Vintage Children's Play Kitchen Cabinet at an antique auction almost 4 years ago. 
My Dad was going to re-finish it and give it to my daughter for Christmas that year... 
Well he must have given up because I found it in his wood pile ready for demolition! 
I asked if I could have a go at it, and this is how it went.......
It was in pretty bad shape, not only were there a gazillion layers of paint on it, someone {my dad} had already tried stripping the paint off... unsuccessfully.

It was weird how the paint wouldn't strip off, it just got all bubbly and gooey and it seemed to make it adhere to the wood even more.
I have never seen anything like it. 
The old laminate was all cracked and had chips in it everywhere.
This picture was taken AFTER I had been sanding it, it was horrible to work with. 

1}I went through lots and lots of sandpaper! And I mean LOTS and LOTS!! ~Finally! All sanded and ready for paint!

2}First coat of cream paint {with help from my sweet hubs and lil darling}                        

3}I printed a few shapes on my cricut and used them to stencil these cute designs on to the cabinet. 

 I Mod Podged some scrapbook paper right on top of the ruined laminate counter top. 
~{after I cleaned/scraped it off really good first}~
I can't believe how perfect it matched the paint!
~~{P.S. My little doll has 'made tea' & spilled water, and they have held up great so far.}~~

All FINISHED!!!! I had nightmares about sandpaper for a while... ha! but it was so fun and SO rewarding! 
My little bean LOVES it!!!!

{I actually did this 2 years ago, but since I have pneumonia and can't do much, I thought I would share this with you}