Mailbox {Makeover}

Funny Story about this mailbox... 
Before the house was even ours, I told my hubs I was going to paint the mailbox and make it cute. He was NOT on board with that idea! 
He said that it was a piece of crap and he tore it off the post and threw it away! {not only was I shocked at his He-Man skills, I was dumfounded because it wasn't even our house yet!}

he he he.. Little did he know that I smuggled it out of the trash and into our trunk!
While he was at work, I went to work! 
~I took it apart 
~I sanded it 
~I pounded out dents {most of them anyway} 
~and I started priming it
Sorry chaps, I know you are all wonderful and completely sane... but on the off chance I get a psycho reading this... 
I couldn't let my address be shown, hope you understand :)

It actually only took me like 45 minutes of prep time before I started priming it, maybe even less.

I forgot to take pics after the first coat of paint... 
I ended up spraying 4 or 5 coats! 
When the paint was dry, I scratched it up a bit with some sandpaper.
Then I applied the vinyl.
I quickly whipped up a design on the cricut using the storybrook cartridge.
After the vinyl was in place I did about 3 applications of clear coat. {don't want the crazy weather messin with my new paint-job!}

I gave the mailbox to my husband at our closing {signing the papers to make the house legally ours}I also stuffed some Under Armour shirts inside for another surprise... you've got mail!} 
He was pretty surprised, he had NO idea it was the old one!
I keep proving to him time and time again that I am a junk transformer, whisperer.. whatever you want to call it, and he continues to doubt me! WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO PROVE HUN?! BOOYA! 
I had plans to build our own mailbox stand... but we found this one while we were at Home Depot one day getting other supplies for our house. A cedar mailbox post! I think it was around $35.00. We got some quick-crete for a few bucks and there you have it a brand new mailbox! {We put it up before we really even got started on the inside, I was sending a message to the neighborhood... YOU GOT YA SOME NEW NEIGHBORS.... WATCH OUT!}
I had a friend stop by to see the progress of our house, she said, "Well judging by your mailbox, I bet your house is going to be darling." AWE THANKS!! 
{I think the inside is turning out pretty fab!}

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Be Mine {Chevron Valentine}

~Please leave a comment and follow this blog if you are going to download these printables~
{It's good etiquette}
~These are for PERSONAL use ONLY~
Well Jess has done it again! She has designed DARLING printables for us! ~It was up to me to come up with ways to display them. {The FUN part!}

I went to the Dollar Tree the other day to see if they had any good silk flowers {cuz sometimes they do!} 
My mom made thee cutest topiaries out of Dollar Store Flowers... Anyway I found the double 5X7 matte board AND those cute heart picks there! SCORE!!! {The blue mason jars came from a local antique shoppe}
I knew all I needed was a little embellishment and we'd be golden!
I had some leftover paper straws from the Paper Straw Wreath I made last week, so I thought I'd make a mini one!
I found a small washer in my junk drawer that I could glue the straws to, and it worked out great!

~These are 5X7 prints~

Below is how I actually have these displayed in my home

I took this pic from my phone!{Testing out a new app}

I am kinda not liking the pic below, but I couldn't let you see all the Christmas Cards still on the side of my fridge!
I found this 5X7 Magnetic photo frame at the Dollar Store too!!
I just thought I would show you ONE more way to display these cute printables for super cheap!

It doesn't get cheaper than printing them off and clothes-pinning to whatever items you already have!



Valentines Decor and Paper Straw Wreath

I saw this fabulous wreath on Tatertots and Jello at Christmas time, I told her I was going to make one for Valentines because I just fell in love with it!
-Small foam wreath form ($3.99 at JoAnns)
-Ribbon to wrap your wreath form
-Paper Straws (I used 20 red and abt 40 Pink)
-Decor.. Ribbon, hearts, bakers twine etc.
-Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Even though this winter has been abnormally warm, I still wanted to mix a few elements of spring into my Valentines Decor... well because it just makes me happy!
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Valentines Day Paper Crafts Decor (EASY)

I have NO idea what has gotten into me the last few weeks, but I am obsessed with (easy) paper crafts! Maybe it's because they are cheap??... And SO EASY!!! Anyway here are three paper crafts that were cheap, quick and easy!!

Here is what you need for the Hearts Garland...
I used my cricut to cut out the hearts and the scalloped circles. I gathered some old buttons for the middles. Oh and I crumpled up the scalloped circles and added a touch of glitter to the edges. 

The 2nd easy paper craft is the large scalloped circles (homemade doilies) that are on the top of my mantel. I found some paper that I liked and cut out 10 1/2 inch scalloped circles on my cricut. Then all I did was fold them to the desired length to hang over.

3rd one, and the easiest... I gathered the scraps of paper left over from the first project and cut out different sized hearts on the cricut... I clothes pinned them to the hanging wire of an old frame that I spray painted.

Gosh I LOVE decorating for holidays!


Angry Birds Cake Pops

I am FINALLY posting pictures of these! I made them a year ago!!!
 I had never made cake pops before these. It was my hubs birthday and I wanted to do something special... not the traditional cake or cupcakes.
I had just purchased a cake pops book (waste of money! So I am not listing what the book was called) So I thought it high time I try to make them,,, but HOW to decorate them???? 
I looked through the book a few times for inspiration but nothing stood out to me,, AT ALL!
One day I was perusing some of my fave blogs and I came across this (Angry Bird Cupcakes) post, I knew immediately that's what I was going to make!
Unfortunately I couldn't copy everything exact, because cupcakes and cake pops are totally different... SO I had to get creative, luckily I am always up for the challenge!
When you are buying chocolate to dip the cake, and you need a specific color, make sure you buy chocolate coloring! You can't use normal food coloring to color chocolate. I got WAY lucky when I went to get my chocolate, they already had that perfect blue color, so all I had to worry about was the green. 
Cake Mix (your choice of flavor and supplies needed to bake cake)
Frosting (cream cheese tastes best)
Bakers Chocolate in the colors you need and/or chocolate coloring
Sucker Sticks
Chocolate Sprinkles  Red, Yellow
Reg. & Mini Marshmallows (eyes and pig nose, both are cut in half)
Black Candy Gel, or Tiny Black Licorice Rope
Assorted Candies of Different Shapes and Colors
For the beaks I used orange slices candy cut into 3rds and sweet tarts candies (already shaped like a beak)
Tic Tacs (mint flavor) and Chocolate covered sunflower seeds were used for the feathers on top of their heads
Reeses Pieces were used for cheeks on white bird
Frosting Sprinkles in the shape of flowers were used for blue birds feet

There's the Birthday Boy enjoying his first bite! He LOVED them, and was SO surprised at how well they turned out!

*Side note* Remove Tic Tacs before eating! The minty flavor does not mesh well with the cake pop goodness!
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Organize your kids Art ~Free Printables~

                                              1                                                               2                                                                         3
Jess designed these SUPER cute (free) printables for all of us to share, and to hopefully get us more organized!
I came up with a few different ideas for them, to help spark your creativity! I know you will come up with something brilliant!

1~ I bought a pack of multi colored folders at WalMart for a few bucks, and they happened to match both boy and girl designs perfectly! I like the idea of a folder, because I know I can throw things in there quick if I need to, then I can punch holes & put rings through to hold everything in permanently later.

2~ These little notebooks are a MUST if you have kids! They are only .94 cents at WalMart. 

AND they will help your child's dexterity ;)

My kindergartner ALWAYS wants paper to doodle on... she has since she could hold a pencil! 

Your little one will think it is SO cool to have their own lil book (I think of it as a journal), that they might not scribble on your Receipts, Bills, WALLS! 

I encourage my little one to glue little things she has made, or pictures she likes in her book (which is so not as cute as the one I made for Carson, Jess's lil guy) 

What better journal entry than a darling hand drawn.. something or other ;)

3~ Since Carson is still a baby I thought his first few drawings should be kept safe in an envelope (after they are displayed proudly on the fridge for a while!)

Let's face it, you will have good intentions to scrap book these little scribbles, but if you live in the real world, you wont get to it for a while, so why not store them somewhere cute and clearly labeled?

~These printables are for private use only.~   

 Please leave us a quick comment if you download or if you like what you see

You have no idea how good it felt to gather all the stray papers off my fridge, off Em's desk, or shoved down in her backpack! Now they are neatly organized in this cute folder. I made the Kindergarten and First Grade tags on Picnik (one of my fave websites!)
These are all the papers I have been saving for the last 3 to 4 years from Pre School and Primary.... so I did the Purge! I threw away a small pile, and kept the special things in the box.. The rest went into the book, and Emma just keeps picking it up and going thru it.. "Did I really do this?" she kept asking me. 
I realized that I wasn't making the books just for me.
As I was making these books I ran across a cute little book similar to the one above on Pinterest (I was seeking much needed inspiration)  see here She scanned in all her daughters artwork, shrunk it down and made cute little books for the Grandparents. I ask you, "WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!".... LOVE LOVE the idea though!

Have fun getting more organized this year, and keep checking back for all the fun projects we have in store for you!
 ~We want to see what you make with these printables, we may even feature you!~

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